Friday, March 19, 2010

Some hugs...many tears.....and TONS of prayers.....

Today I had to make one of the hardest decisions as a parent. The subject is very near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Not only professionally but personally.

As I drove to the hospital with my son I knew I needed to have him admitted for treatment of his depression and suicidal thoughts as I have been trained to look for the signs and symptoms. I knew we were going to be in for one hell of a roller coaster ride, and down a road that could have been very life-changing if left untreated.

As I sat and listened to my son explained to the nurse the symptoms he had, I felt like I was in a trance. He explained very calmly that he's been having these suicidal thoughts for months now. He it went into great detail his plans for how he was going to take his life. He noted were all the necessary things were located in the house and when to do it so nobody would be able to suspect nor stop him from following through. As he told his plan, he sat there with no emotions and it was all matter of fact.

At this point I knew we needed help and we were going to get some.

The main reason for me sharing my story is that over the last couple years I have been trained to look for crisis and help in suicide prevention. Now of course sometimes it's harder to see the signs when it happens within your family, to your loved ones. But I cannot stress enough if you know somebody that is hurting and struggling from depression and possibly considering suicide....get help. The signs will be there, and it's OK to ask for help. Most importantly take them seriously.

Did you know?

- suicide is the number two cause of death for ages 15 to 44
- that victims do not want to end their lives just want to end the pain
- suicide attempts are difficult to predict, there is not a test to tell us if a person is suicidal.

Here are some websites and phone numbers that will offer help if you and/or a loved one are ever in need.

If your child or someone you know is considering suicide or
are experiencing another emotional crisis, you may call the National Lifeline Network at: 1.800.273.TALK (800-273-8255)
Warning signs are important, but it is very important to include the Risk Factors.
Coupling the two, warning signs and risk factors give a clearer profile of risk!


Please keep my family in your prayers as we embark on this journey together of healing through loving and supporting one another as God has taught us to do.

With much Love,
Kristin Kay

~take time to give that extra hug and kiss to your loved ones and let them know just how much they mean to you every chance you get!

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  2. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you guys are going through that. I hope that he gets better soon!

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  3. Found you via FF. I am hopeful for you and your son, and thank God you were aware and alert of the signs. Hoping for healing. Depression is so, so hard.

  4. I'll call you when the babies are asleep. It's been crazy the last couple of days and about to get crazier yet! You are in my prayers - and thoughts a TON today (and always!) I love you and if you need ANYTHING - please let me know!!

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  7. your post hits home like no other. I have been hesitant to share my story but after reading your post I just might. my prayers are with you.