Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day......

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh how I love this holiday, for me it started out at an early age. I remember in grade school we were encouraged to wear green and dress-up goofy. Even then I would wear the shirt that is still sold around the holiday that says kiss me... followed up with whatever reason. Which over the years I've had several of those shirts.

I used to sit and daydream as a child about where I came from. As I was adopted as an infant the possibilities were endless. But for some reason I always wanted to be Irish. I think it had something to do with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Or maybe it was just simply the color green which by the way still my favorite color, or perhaps it was the idea of luck, or clovers, yellow moons, and purple horse shoes! And let's not forget the leprechauns, that someday was going to lead me to my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Most of all I think it had to do with my faith and wanting to celebrate Christianity. Being raised in a Christian home, my father was Catholic and my mother Lutheran. So I sometimes tend to joke about being a mixed breed, as I was baptized Lutheran and attended a Catholic school. Through those things I truly believe I was taught wonderful lessons in becoming a good Christian.

Cheers to you St. Patrick for all your lessons, traditional rituals of Christianity, and another holiday to celebrate my faith.

~May the road always rise to meet you and may you always find the pot of gold at the end of all your rainbows!

Kristin Kay

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  1. Wow Kristen! I love it! You write really well and are a natural at this! I couldn't answer when you called - was on a work related call. WOuld have MUCH rather taken yours... but I'm responsible this week and put work first. Yup. Gotta love adulthood.